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Michigan Business Directory : About Us

The Michigan Business Directory is a free listing of businesses with websites and is categorized first by profession, then by city. Add your business to our growing list.

The Michigan Business Directory is much more than just a listing of websites for Michigan businesses. It lists all of the important contact information for each Michigan business including phone, fax, website address, as well as the site description. Each of the listings is categorized by type of profession, and each listing has a link where visitors can write a review, rate the site or even notify the webmaster that the site is no longer functional.

This business directory also allows the visitor to add a premium listing. This affords them the opportunity to place their business in the top position for a low yearly fee. The directory has a full search function that automatically places the premium listings first, followed by the normal listings. Visitors can search listings from any page on the site, and the results are rated according to keyword relevance.

The Michigan Business Directory operates a pay-per-click program which will allow business owners to bid on specific keywords or phrases. This will be in addition to the premium listings option, already available.

We now offer a low cost advertising alternative for your business website. Pay-Per-Click advertising is the absolute best way to give your website more exposure. You simply bid on a keyword or phrase that best describes your business. When someone clicks through to your website from the resultant search, you bid amount is deducted from your account. Funds are deducted from your account only when a visitor reaches your site from this Directory. For more information, please visit our PPC Information Page.


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