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California Business Directory : Manufacturing
Directory listings of manufacturing plants and factories.
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1. AFC Finishing Systems
250 Airport Parkway
Oroville, CA 95965

Spray booth, paint booth, paint spray booth, equipment for powder coating, oven, inplant offices & powder coating finishing systems. We offer paint booth, spray booth & modular offices to meet all your business needs.
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Rating: 0 | Votes: 0 | Date Listed: May 8, 2009

AFC Finishing Systems

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2. Armstrong Steel
268 Bush St
San Francisco, CA 94104-3503

We are one of the largest pre-engineered building suppliers in North America, from a pre-fab building kit to a turnkey solution for your 100,000 square-foot facility.
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Rating: 9 | Votes: 1 | Date Listed: Aug 6, 2010

Armstrong Steel

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3. Industrial Motor Power Corp.
350 North Glenoaks Blvd. Suite 200
Los Angeles, CA 91502-2915

IMP Corporation, one of the leading power equipment suppliers in the U.S., sells new, surplus and used models of the Caterpillar 3612.
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Rating: 0 | Votes: 0 | Date Listed: Jun 10, 2011

Industrial Motor Power Corp.

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